At Isaacs Advisory, we are experts at sourcing financing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We work with a wide array of traditional and non-traditional lenders across Canada to source and structure financing solutions to meet our clients’ unique financing needs.

We source financing solutions for a wide range of business needs, including business acquisitions, plant expansions, working capital to finance growth, and much more.

Our services are specifically catered towards business owners, CEOs, and CFOs who require an advisor with the time, contact resources, and expertise to source the best possible financing solution for their specific business needs.

Getting Financing Can Be Complicated & Very Time Consuming

Many people totally underestimate the time it takes to source business financing and are generally unaware of the depth of information lenders require.

The majority of our clients just don’t have the time, knowledge nor the right contacts to source their business financing needs.


  • Time

    It is very time consuming to source financing. Creating an information package, preparing financial models, contacting the right lenders, understanding their products, sourcing term sheets, handling inquiries, due diligence, legal & funding. It can all be extremely time consuming – and you still have your day job!

  • Knowledge

    Most people do not have the granular knowledge of what level or type of information lenders require when approving a loan. This includes things like Debt Service Calculations, Priority Payables, Asset Coverage and much more. Often the presentation of the information can cause an otherwise acceptable loan application to result in a Decline.

  • Contacts

    There are many more lenders in the marketplace than people realize and who offer a wide range of financing solutions. However, they are quite varied in terms of the loan sizes they can accommodate, the type of collateral they require, industry and even the position of the business in its lifecycle (i.e.: startup, early stage, growth, distress, etc.). It can take many months and lots of time to meet with different lenders to find the right one for your business.

Why Work With Isaacs Advisory?

At Isaacs Advisory, we spend 100% of our time and effort focused on sourcing financing solutions for our clients. We don’t do anything else!

Unlike typical loan brokers, we get hired by and work for our clients, not the lender. So we look to get you the best solution for your business; not the one that we would make the biggest commission on.

We also have the granular knowledge of what information is actually relevant to lenders and the expertise and experience to know how to position the application to maximize the probability of getting a loan approved.

We are also up-to-date on the many financing solutions available to businesses and can therefore quickly and efficiently identify the right solution for a client’s business and be talking to a lender that would actually be interested and able to provide the financing needed.

Plus, when you work with Isaacs Advisory you can expect:


  • Customized solutions

    A customized financing solution based on your business’ unique and specific needs.

  • Professional team

    You will work with a small team of dedicated business professionals with extensive experience and contacts in sourcing business financing.

  • Performance based service

    Financing advisory services that are primarily success-fee based.

  • Unbiased advice

    We do not earn any hidden fees or commissions from any lenders.

  • One stop solution

    As we work with a wide range of lenders, we are a “one stop solution” for your current and ongoing business financing needs.

To learn more about the financing options available for your business, contact Adrian Isaacs at (416) 835-4511, or at today.