Isaacs Advisory works with small to medium-sized businesses that need an advisor with the time, resources, and expertise to find the best possible financing solutions. Over the years, we have helped organizations across a wide range of industries meet their unique financing needs. Read our case studies below to learn more.

Bridge Financing used to take out the bank and terminate receivership - $6,050,000

Our client, a successful GTA-based family office, had cross-guaranteed the bank debts which incurred large operating losses.

The family attempted to refinance the debt package but unfortunately, with rising interest rates, inflation and a tightening credit cycle, traditional banks were just being more conservative in their credit outlook, and the family was having difficulty seeking an alternative lender.

When your bank says “NO” — there are likely many other financing solutions.

The Bank did not want to increase a $25,000 Line of Credit for our client.

However, we were able to source over $2 million in other debt financing solutions. Unfortunately, this seems to add to the perception that many of the traditional banks in the Canadian market are in the fee-generation business, not the lending business.

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Growth Financing for a Nuclear Medicine Manufacturer.

Our client, a successful female entrepreneur, began a new business venture in 2019 filling a gap in the Nuclear Medicine Manufacturer market. Find out how we were able to help her source the financing needed to invest in marketing and selling costs to scale up the business in 2022.

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Financing for a Digital Marketing Agency

Find out how we were able to source a $350,000 Small Business Loan to help our client upgrade their digital platform with e-commerce, donation and social media functionality.

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Bridge Financing for a Livestock Transportation Business.

Our client, a livestock transportation business, had invested heavily in R&D over the past several years to develop industry leading humane livestock transportation solutions for their industry. Find out how we were able to source an interest-only bridge loan to help them refinance the business.

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Financing for the Purchase of Electric Bikes for an E-Bike Subscription Business.

With a strong leadership team in place and after completing an equity raise, our Toronto-based client launched an e-bike subscription business. The business has two divisions, namely a consumer & a commercial division where people can rent e-bikes on various subscription levels.

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Financing for a Business Acquisition

Following the successful sale of his first business, our client was interested in pursuing a new venture and required funding for it. Since he was busy working a full-time job as a Senior Manager, he sought our support and expertise during the due diligence process and to help source a term loan financing solution and working capital solution to meet his needs.

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Financing for a Video Streaming Technology Start-Up

After launching a video streaming platform to disrupt the marketplace, our client was seeking a cost-effective debt financing solution that allowed them to finance their app & live streaming development and avoid raising more equity to fund their initial operating losses.

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Bridge Financing for a DIY Building Supplies Manufacturer

Our client is a manufacturer and distributor of DIY building solutions. Due to concerns around customer concentration risk and product development delays, their traditional bank could no longer support the business and they therefore required a flexible and scalable working capital solution from a non-traditional lender.

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Financing for a Mobile Food & Beverage Start-Up

Our client is an innovative mobile food and beverage start-up.  After successfully completing an equity raise, they were seeking a long-term financing solution to finance their equipment and app technology.

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Financing For A Rapidly Growing CPG Manufacturer

Our client is a private label consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer that was recognized as “Supplier of the Year” by a major retailer. Though they continue to experience tremendous growth, traditional lenders worried about concentration risk due to their limited customer base.

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Financing For A Niche Restaurant Chain

Our client is a well-known niche restaurant brand with multiple retail locations. Due to construction delays of a new location causing an impact on working capital, they sought additional financing.

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Financing For A Rapidly Growing Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturer

Our client spent several years developing its lithium-ion battery technology for commercial applications, while honing its production process and supply chain. After successfully completing a major pilot project, orders were ramping up significantly and the company wanted to fund growth without the constant worry of cash flow.

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Financing to Exit a Division I Proposal

Our client was 12 months into a creditor and court approved Division I Proposal. Creditors accepted 25 cents on the dollar to be paid over a 5-year period. The Proposal was a joint proposal, which included the business owner and some related holding companies.

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